Library act as a central force to support the teaching and research needs of the college. The library satiates the needs of all the departments. The computerized databases of books in the Library, the search and retrieval of books are much easier.


  • To be a dynamic, competitive Centre of Excellence for teaching, learning, research and Community endeavors.


  • To provide students, staff and other library users an extensive use of library resources.
  • To provide wide range of current and relevant quality information resources to the library users
  • To provide high quality service that meets the growing expectations of the diverse user community

Working Hours

  • Week days: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Saturdays: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

The Department of Library and Information Science was established in the year 1994.


The Library serves as a storehouse of Knowledge with

  • 37406 volumes of books with open access.
  • Subscription of 122 Journals including 25 International Journals and leading Newspapers.
  • Book Bank facility with 545 books exclusively for the benefit of SC/ST and Economically weaker Students
  • Digital Information banks in the form of CDs, Audio and Video cassettes.

Best Practice:

  • Digital Question Bank
  • Annual Report
  • Displaying New Arrivals
  • External Reader Membership for Research Scholars on Fee based system
  • ICT-Enabled Services
  • Information Literacy Programmes
  • Instituting Annual Best Library User Award for Faculty and Students
  • Inter Library Loan (ILL) services
  • Library User Guide
  • Organising Annual Book Fair
  • Organising Competition for students annually
  • Organising Faculty Development Programme
  • Organising Seminar/Conference and Workshop for the benefit of Library and Information Science Professionals and Faculty members
  • Talking Digital Library for Visually Challenged Students
  • The Library Automation Software Lllips connect Net 12.0 and contains 3 modules, viz, web Library Main, Library WEB OPAC, and E-Gate Register.
  • Usage Statistics
  • Current Awareness Bulletin publishing:

  • Periodic Current Awareness Bulletin publishing.
  • Digital Library:

  • A Collection of CDs, audio, video cassettes, and floppy disks related to all Disciplines are available. Online subscriptions of reputed E-resources of N-list, Delnet, Knimbus, British Council Library, and NDL are made remotely accessible for the benefit of the users.
  • Membership:

  • Membership is open to the Faculty, Research Scholars, UG and PG Students, and Non-Teaching of the Institution. Faculty and students from other institutions are also permitted to refer to books with Proper acknowledgment.
  • Access

  • Dewey's decimal classification of books aids in easy access.
  • OPAC System is followed effectively (Remote Access)
  • Reprography of books and soft copy materials is facilitated for user access.
  • M-Library helps in easy accessibility of resources via mobile phone at the touch of a Screen.
  • Reader’s Club Activities:

  • In our Library, a Reader’s Club is functioning for increasing the reading habit of the Students. Book fairs, Book Talk Programmes, and G.K.Test are organized periodically to groom and encourage book Reading habits among students.
  • Research Wing:

  • A separate research wing is functioning for the benefit of research scholars.
  • Library Facilities

  • KASC library has membership with The British Library
  • Online Public Access Catalogue
  • Photocopying  
  • Reading Room Facility
  • Scanning facility for KASC members
  • Services offered by the KASC library:

  • Article index of selected periodicals.
  • Circulation
  • Compilation of specialized bibliographies on demand.
  • Current awareness service to faculty members through email
  • Display of prospectus for various courses of national and international universities.
  • Display of Publications of Faculty Members
  • Exhibitions at the library
  • Facility to Reserve Books.
  • Individual attention and help to the users to locate their required reading material.
  • Inter Library Loan and Inter Library Reference Services.
  • Lecture Series
  • Library Orientation to Fresh Members.
  • Membership to External Users.
  • Monthly Library Bulletin
  • Ramp Exhibition of Books
  • Reference Files of Selected Topics.
  • Reprographic Services.
  • Supply of handout to guide the users for the use of library.
  • Weekly Display of New Arrivals.
  • List of Newspapers available in KASC Library:

  • Business Line
  • Daily Thanthi
  • Dinakaran
  • Dinamalar
  • Dinamani
  • Kalaikathir
  • The Hindu (English)
  • The Hindu (Tamil)
  • The Indian Express
  • Times of India
  • Specialization E-Resources, User Studies
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    1. Society for the Advancement of Library and Information Science (SALIS) Chennai
    2. Karnataka State Library Association (KSLA)
    3. The Madras Library Association (MALA)
    4. Academic Library Association (ALA)
    5. InSc Institute of Scholars (InSc)
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    No of Books Published 05 Chapters in Edited Books 15
    Publications National Journals: 14 International Journals: 25
    1. Kamarajar Award
    2. Noolaga Maamani Virudhu
    3. National Best Librarian Award
    4. Outstanding Service Award
    5. Lifetime Achiever Award
    6. Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Ratna Award
    7. Young Researcher Award

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    Department E-Resources

    S.No Course Name
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    1 Kameez Story
    2 Radio Media
    3 Trisanku Bechara

    S.No Course Name
    (Click on the Course Name to view e-content)
    1 Human Resources Management
    2 Internet And Web Designing
    3 Financial Management
    4 Corporate Accounting
    5 Financial Management
    6 Management Accounting

    S.No Course Name
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    1 Financial Accounting
    2 Promotion Management
    3 Marketing Management

    S.No Course Name
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    1 Strategic Management
    Link1 Link2
    3 Entrepreneurship
    3 Insurance principles and practices
    4 Principles of management

    S.No Course Name
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    1 Micro Processor
    2 Database Management Systems

    S.No Course Name
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    1 RDBMS
    2 Computer Based Optimization Techniques
    Link 1
    Link 2
    3 Computer Networks
    4 Operating Systems
    5 Career Awareness Programme

    S.No Course Name
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    1 Chemistry Of Biomolecules
    2 Molecular Biology

    S.No Course Name
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    1 Laser, Fiber Optics And Non Linear Optics
    2 Startup

    S.No Course Name
    (Click on the Course Name to view e-content)
    1 Front Office Operations
    2 Tourism And Travel Management

    S.No Course Name
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    1 Integrated Marketing Communication
    2 Human Resource Management
    3 Corporate Communication
    4 Entrepreneurship
    Link 1
    Link 2
    Link 3
    Link 4

    S.No Course Name
    (Click on the Course Name to view e-content)
    1 Apparel Quality Standards

    Open Access E-Resources

    S.No Name of the Provider
    1 Swayam
    2 Swayamprabha
    3 NPTEL
    4 MOOC
    5 EDX
    6 Coursera
    7 Academic Earth
    8 Openlearn
    9 Udacity
    10 Udemy
    11 SYPA Handbook

    S.No Name of the Provider
    1 Funding Agencies

    S.No Name of the Provider
    1 Funding Agencies for Research

    S.No Name of the Provider
    1 Indian Funding Agencies

    S.No Name of the Provider
    1 The Economic Times
    2 The Hindu
    3 The Indian Express
    • Books borrowed from the library are not transferable.
    • Books which are not return on due date, a fine of Rs.1 will be collected as overdue charges.
    • Books will be issued to the students only on production of the valid ID card.
    • Discussions are not allowed inside the library.
    • Journals and Back volumes will not be issued.
    • Library follows the open access system. Hence books taken out of the racks shall not be replaced. They should be left on the table.
    • Loss of books issued, if any should be reported to the Librarian immediately.
    • Members must replace the book if lost with latest edition along with overdue charges. If the borrower's is unable to replace the lost book, triple the cost of the book will be collected.
    • Personal books and files should be left on the rack at the entrance of the library. Plain sheets may be taken instead.
    • Renewal is also allowed if the concerned book is not reserved by others.
    • Strict Silence should be maintained inside the Library.
    • The books should be returned within 14 days from the date of issue.
    • Use of Mobile Phones inside the library is strictly prohibited.
    • Users must scan their ID card in e-Gate Register.
    Kongu Arts and Science College - Erode

    0424-2339933, 98427 26267, 99425 39149