DBT Star College Scheme

The Department of Biotechnology, New Delhi initiated and launched the 'Star College Scheme' for improving logical, critical and innovative thinking and to improve and inculcate 'hands on' experimental experience with approaches towards technology development needed for biological studies at undergraduate level in life sciences. The scheme paves a way for the improvement of basic sciences and for tackling the new challenges in the field of computational biology among the young minds thereby improving the quality of education in the institution augmented by upgraded and modern equipments and to procure other essentials to enhance the practical skills.


  • To strengthen the academic and physical infrastructure for achieving excellence in teaching and training.
  • To enhance the quality of the learning and teaching process to stimulate original thinking through 'hands-on' exposure to experimental work and participation in summer schools.
  • To increase capabilities of core instrumentation resources by procuring new equipment and upgrading of existing facilities.
  • To promote networking and strengthen ties with neighbouring institutions and other laboratories.
  • To provide access and exposure to students to research laboratories and industries in the country.
  • To help in devising Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) /kits for Practical; and to provide better library facility to students and teachers.
  • To conduct specialized training programmes for faculty improvement for optimizing technical capabilities.

DBT - Star College Scheme @ KASC

The Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India has sanctioned "Star College Scheme" in May 2019 for five undergraduate science departments viz., Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics. These departments involved in the STAR college programme have been executing the scheme excellently, focusing on their goals and objectives at all levels.

New experiments have been added to the curriculum to make the learning process more experiment-oriented and equipments have been purchased to permit more students to individually handle both regular and relatively new equipments. The departments have also brought out laboratory manuals. The fund has enabled the respective departments to organize field trips, guest lectures, workshops, hands-on training, visits to National Laboratories, National and International Seminars for both faculty and students. Research acumen is instilled among the UG students doing projects under this scheme as a result of which the aspiration to pursue post graduate and doctoral programmes will be strongly seeded in their young minds.

Chairman Dr. H. VASUDEVAN M.Com., M.Phil., M.B.A., PGDCA., Ph.D., SLET.,
Kongu Arts and Science College (Autonomous)
Ph. (Off) +91 424-2242802, Mobile: +91-99424 52528
E- mail: principal@kasc.ac.in
DBT - Representatives / Nominee
Programme Head
Star College Scheme
Scientist F
Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology
Govt. of India
New Delhi - 110003
Ph : 011-24369385
Email : garima.g@nic.in
Programme Officer
Star College Scheme
Scientist C
Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology
Govt. of India
New Delhi - 110003
Ph : 011-24360984
Email : ak.mehta@dbt.nic.in
External Experts
Dr. R. RAJENDRAN M.Sc., PGDEM., M.B.A., Ph.D.,
Associate Professor
Department of Microbiology
PSG College of Arts & Science
Civil Aerodrome (post)
Coimbatore – 641 014, Tamilnadu.
Phone: (Off) 0422-4397901 to 905
Mobile: +91- 94437 51400
E-mail: rrajendranmicro@yahoo.co.in
Dr. R. PARVATHI M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed., PGDCA., Ph.D.,
Associate Professor and Head
Department of Mathematics
Vellalar College for Women
Erode – 638 012, Tamilnadu.
Phone: (Off) 0424- 2244101
Mobile: +91- 94873 23070
E-mail: paarvathis@rediffmail.com
Co-Ordinator (Member-Secretary)
Dr. A.K. Vidya M.Sc., M.Phil., PGDBI., SLET., Ph.D.,
Associate Professor and Head
Department of Biochemistry
Kongu Arts and Science College (Autonomous)
Ph. (Off) +91 424 2242888, Mobile:+91-93600 18644
E- mail: vidhya_ak@hotmail.com
Coordinators from the Participating Departments Dr. N. Sangeetha Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry
Dr. D.Saravanan Assistant Professor & Head, Department of Biotechnology
Dr. S. Nagarajan Associate Professor & Head, Department of Mathematics
Mr. P. Ramesh Assistant Professor & Head, Department of Computer Science
Ms. K. Maithilee Assistant Professor & Head, Department of Physics
Faculty Members from the Participating Departments Department of Biochemistry
Mr. R. Rasu Associate Professor
Mr. S. Natarajan Assistant Professor
Ms. T. Radha Assistant Professor
Mr. G. Karthikeyan Assistant Professor
Mr. T. G. Nagulan Assistant Professor
Department of Biotechnology
Dr. D. Anita Assistant Professor (English)
Mr. K.Vivekanandhan Assistant Professor
Ms. G. Jayanthi Assistant Professor
Ms. S. Vijaya Assistant Professor
Ms. R. Divya Dharshini Assistant Professor
Ms. R. Sangeetha Assistant Professor
Ms. K. Nandhini Assistant Professor
Ms. V. Deepiga Assistant Professor
Ms. K. Sawunthariya Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
Dr.D.Sivakumar Associate Professor
Dr.C.Radhamani Associate Professor
Dr.S.Suresh Associate Professor
Dr.M.Lalitha Assistant Professor
Mr.P.Mahesh Kumar Assistant Professor
Ms.C.Kiruthica Assistant Professor
Ms.A.Deepa Assistant Professor
Ms.P.Kiruthika Assistant Professor
Ms.K.Sivaranjani Assistant Professor
Ms.S.Vidhya Assistant Professor
Ms.G.Priyadharsini Assistant Professor
Ms.S.Savitha Assistant Professor
Mr.M.Mylvendan Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
Ms. M.S. Kokila Assistant Professor
Ms. M.Geetha Assistant Professor
Mr. S. Jaganathan Assistant Professor
Dr. R. Pushpalatha Assistant Professor
Ms. K. Gomathy Assistant Professor
Mr. A.R. Karthekeyan Assistant Professor
Ms. R. Saveetha Assistant Professor
Ms. S. Gowthami Assistant Professor
Ms. A. Visalatchi Assistant Professor
Ms. M. Manju Assistant Professor
Ms. A.Lavanya Assistant Professor
Dr. M.Shanmugapriya Assistant Professor
Ms. A.Elakkiya Assistant Professor
Department of Physics
Ms. R. Chitra Assistant Professor
Mr. T. Akashnarayana Assistant Professor
Mr. K.Mohanapriyan Assistant Professor
Ms. S. Leelavathi Assistant Professor
Ms. S.Nathiya Assistant Professor
Ms. S.Sobhika Assistant Professor
Mr. R.Arulkumar Assistant Professor