Centre of Mind

Centre of Mind is an outreach wing of 'Manathin Maiyam' a Comprehensive Mental Health Care Centre. Centre of Mind endeavours to increase awareness about mental health and prevention of psychological and psychiatric disorders among our college students. It plays a vital role in enriching the minds of our youth, because only a mentally healthy population will ensure a smarter and more efficient society for tomorrow

S.No Name Designation Department Position
1 Dr.S.Manjula Associate Professor & Head Costume Design and Fashion Convener
2 Ms.C.Kiruthica Assistant Professor Mathematics Executive Member
3 Ms.V.Kanchana Assistant Professor English Executive Member
S.No Name Designation Department
1 Mr.D.Dinakaran Assistant Professor Tamil
2 Ms.V.Vani Ayyaswarya Assistant Professor English
3 Dr.D.Sivakumar Associate Professor Mathematics
4 Dr.C.Radhamani Associate Professor Mathematics
5 Ms.A.Deepa Assistant Professor Commerce
6 Ms.P.K.Mangaiyarkarasi Assistant Professor Commerce CA
7 Dr.M.Thangam Assistant Professor & Head BBA
8 Ms.C.Deepika Assistant Professor Commerce CA
9 Dr.V.G.Sumathy Associate Professor & Head MBA
10 Dr.K.K.A.Alaguappan Assocaite Professor & Head CSCA & PA
11 Dr.B.Jayanthi Associate Professor & Head MCA
12 Ms.S.Karthikeyeni Associate Professor MCA
13 Ms.S.Tamilselvi Assistant Professor BCA
14 Mr.S.Muruganantham Assistant Professor & Head CT & IT
15 Ms.N.Renuka Assistant Professor CT & IT
16 Ms.B.Sivaranjani Assistant Professor Physics
17 Ms.K.Gomathi Assistant Professor CDF
18 Mr.S.Karthikeyan Assistant Professor & Head CS & HM
19 Ms.S.Vidhya Assistant Professor Computer Science - UG

Memorandum of Understanding was signed with Dr.J.JayaPrakash, Consultant Psychiatrist & Director, Centre of Mind, Erode during the academic years 2017-18, 2018-19 and 2019-20 for conducting counseling programmes for our students. Every year One to one counseling sessions were offered for students and staff members. Topic specific classroom training sessions on practical topics were conducted for the first year UG students by Psycholologists. Training sessions were conducted for Faculty Counselors to handle students' issues in an effective manner. Various aspects like relationship issues, goal setting, academic difficulties, addiction, behavioral problems, attitude etc were discussed and guidance has been offered by the Psychologists from Centre of Mind.

Kongu Arts and Science College - Erode

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