Dr. H. Vasudevan Chairman
Dr. P.Dhinakaran Chairperson
BOS in Tamil
Dr. V.Anbumani Chairperson
BOS in Hindi and Other Languages
Ms. S.Yasmin Chairperson
BOS in English
Dr. K.M.Kumaraguru Chairman
BOS in Commerce and Banking & Insurance
Dr. K.K.A.Alaguappan Chairman
BOS in Corporate Secretaryship with CA and Professional Accounting
Mrs. P. K. Mangaiyarkarasi Chairman
BOS in Commerce with Computer Applications
Dr. M.Thangam Chairperson
BOS in Business Administration
Dr. G.Manju Chairperson
BOS in Business Administration with Computer Applications
Dr. V.G.Sumathy Chairperson
BOS in Management Science
Mr. N. Poonthamilan Chairperson
BOS in Social Work
Dr. S.Nagarajan Chairman
BOS in Mathematics
Dr. R.Chitra Chairperson
BOS in Physics
Mr. P.Ramesh Chairman
BOS in Computer Science
Dr. T.A.Sangeetha Chairperson
BOS in Computer Applications
Mr. S.Muruganantham Chairperson
BOS in Computer Technology & Information Technology
Dr. A.K.Vidya Chairperson
BOS in Biochemistry
Dr. D.Saravanan Chairperson
BOS in Biotechnology
Dr. S.Manjula Chairperson
BOS in Costume Design & Fashion
Mr. S.Karthikeyan Chairperson
BOS in Catering Science & Hotel Management
Ms. M. Subitsa Chairperson
BOS in Psychology
Dr. B.Jayanthi Chairperson
BOS in Computer Science(PG)
Mr. K.K.Sureshkumar Member – Senior Faculty
Mr. S.Vijayakumar Member – Senior Faculty
Mr. K.P.Karthikeyan Member – Senior Faculty
Dr. K.Chitra University Nominee
Dr. S.Suja University Nominee
Dr. B.Subramani University Nominee
Dr. H.Balakrishnan Educational Expert
Dr. K.K.M.Kesavan Legal Expert
Dr. J.Jayaprakash Expert in Medicine
Mr.K.Parivallal Industrial Expert
Dr. R.Vijayapriya Member Secretary
Kongu Arts and Science College - Erode

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