விழுப்பேற்றின் அஃதொப்பது இல்லையார் மாட்டும்
அழுக்காற்றின் அன்மை பெறின். குறள்: 162.
எவரிடத்திலும் பொறாமை கொள்ளாதிருக்கும் குணத்தை ஒருவன் பெற்றிருந்தால், அவன் பெறுதற்குரிய செல்வங்களுள் அதனை ஒப்பது வேறு இல்லை. பால்: அறத்துப்பால், இயல்: இல்லறவியல், அதிகாரம்: அழுக்காறாமை.

  • University Ranks

    University Ranks

    We bagged 43 ranks, including 6 Gold Medal Medallists in April 2015 Bharathiar University examinations. » more

  • University Inter

    University Kho Kho Tournament

    We Secured Third Place in the Bharathiar University Inter-Collegite Kho Kho Tournament held at BU Arts and Science, Sivagiri, from 06.08.2015 to 08.08.2015.

  • Alumni Meet

    Reminiscence '15

    Department of Biochemistry organizes the Alumni Meet Reminiscence '15 on 20th September, 2015, Sunday.

  • Value Education Programme

    Value Education

    "Education means all-round drawing out of the best in child and man—body, mind, and spirit." - Mahatma Gandhi » more

  • Harness the Power of the Sun

    Harness the Power of the Sun

    Renewable Energy for a Sustainable World, so we use Solar! » view gallery


  • To impart knowledge and skills to rural youth in order to meet their intellectual and social aspirations and cultural and technical needs of the society


  • To develop an effective curriculum and optimize institutionalized student activities
  • To involve learners in practical life situations
  • To expose students to rural realities
  • To sensitize learners to national heritage and values


  • To mould the rural youth as self-reliant and socially responsible citizens
  • To facilitate the learners to hone their leadership qualities
  • To equip the learners with updated technological knowledge
  • To enhance the research activities of the rural youth and uplift them to serve the educational needs of the society